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Case Study

ALDI – ISO 50001:2018 

Implementing an Energy Management System aligned with ISO 50001 helped Aldi make significant savings on its energy costs.



Aldi, the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket, recently won the prestigious 2023 ‘Retailer of the Year’ award at the Quality Food Awards, and ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Grocer Gold Awards. It is committed to excellence and actively seeks to continually improve its business performance and sustainability in all areas, with energy efficiency being a key focus.

ALDI – ISO 50001_2018 CASE STUDY
Aldi Food Market


Seeking to enhance energy efficiency and achieve compliance with ESOS regulations, Aldi UK & Ireland embarked on the journey towards ISO 50001 certification. Recognising the significance of sustainable practices and energy management, Aldi aimed to streamline its energy-related processes and reduce environmental impact while optimising operational costs. By obtaining ISO 50001 certification, Aldi aimed to establish a robust Energy Management System (EnMS) and reinforce its commitment to sustainable business practices.


Aldi collaborated with Energy & Technical Services (ETS) Limited, consultants specialising in energy management, to navigate the complexities of ISO 50001 certification. The process commenced with a comprehensive scoping exercise led by ETS, encompassing all regional distribution centres (RDCs) and a sample of stores across the UK and Ireland, including their UK headquarters in Atherstone, Warwickshire. Through engagements with key stakeholders from operations, logistics, regions and real estate teams, Aldi delineated the scope and identified opportunities for energy optimisation.

Subsequently, ETS supported Aldi to create an Energy Management System (EnMS) tailored to Aldi’s operations, aligning with the ISO 50001 standard. This involved a gap analysis, mapping each clause of the standard to existing processes, and identifying areas for improvement. ETS facilitated dialogue with Aldi’s contractors and internal teams to ensure alignment with EnMS objectives and fostered a culture of energy-conscious practices. Throughout the process, Alan Waddy served as their primary assessor, supported by various assessors including Gerry O Dowd, Leeanne Timmons, Ian Durnin and Aaron Jennings, ensuring consistency and expertise in the assessment process.

The implementation phase witnessed the development of training materials and extensive capacity-building initiatives conducted throughout Aldi’s UK & Ireland operations. Key personnel were designated to oversee EnMS administration, while internal training programs equipped Aldi’s team with the requisite knowledge and skills. ETS guided Aldi through the process, culminating in the independent audit by a certifying body, marking the final step towards ISO 50001 certification.

Aldi Food Market - ISO 50001


Achieving ISO 50001 certification resulted in a new era of energy management excellence for Aldi, yielding tangible benefits and organisational transformation. The certification underscored Aldi’s commitment to sustainability, fostering a culture of energy efficiency across its operations. By implementing EnMS, Aldi realised substantial cost savings through energy-saving initiatives and attainment of Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) targets.

Aldi Food Market - ISO 50001

Internally, ISO 50001 certification catalysed a paradigm shift, instilling a structured approach to energy management and augmenting awareness among Aldi’s teams. Enhanced collaboration and accountability within teams further propelled Aldi’s energy-related initiatives, driving continual improvement and operational efficiency.

Moreover, ISO 50001 certification empowered Aldi to better serve its colleagues and customers by demonstrating a heightened focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. By fostering a culture of responsibility and continual improvement, Aldi continues to inspire positive change within the business, setting new benchmarks for energy management excellence.

Working with Certification Europe to become certified to ISO 50001 and improve our energy management system has been valuable for Aldi. We’ve continually been able to improve our energy-related processes as a result of the audit process and the recommendations provided.

Liz Fox

National Sustainability Director, Aldi UK and Ireland

About Aldi

Aldi is one of Britain’s fastest-growing supermarkets with more than 1,010 stores and over 45,000 colleagues. The supermarket believes in making everyday amazing and delivering the best possible value for millions of families throughout the UK and Ireland. That’s why Aldi is the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket, according to consumer champion Which? (February 2023), as well as Cheapest Supermarket of the Year for 2023, after also winning the accolade in 2022 and 2021. Aldi consistently racks up award after award for quality, treats its suppliers and employees with fairness and respect, and recognises the responsibility of supporting valued institutions such as Team GB and Paralympics GB to demonstrate the importance of health and wellness. Aldi makes the everyday amazing. But amazing doesn’t happen overnight, which is why Aldi is making changes to be better every single day – to be fairer, greener and healthier for customers, society and the environment. What’s the reason they do this? Because Aldi believes that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food. It’s a right, not a privilege.