ISO 50001 Ireland is the key Environmental and Energy Management event in 2017. The event, which takes place May 24th in Croke Park, provides the ideal gathering to come together with fellow Energy Management experts who are at different points in the certification journey.

The objective of ISO 50001 Ireland is to bring the Irish business community a unique event which will highlight the challenges and benefits to Irish companies transitioning to the ISO 50001 International energy standard. Up to 120 senior management professionals from food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical and financial services to name just a few will attend the event. ISO 50001 Ireland provides the opportunity to discuss with industry leaders important issues such as auditing against the standard, benefits of accreditation, measurement and verification, finance/grant aid, legal, integrated standards and return on investment.

In addition, delegates will hear first-hand experience from Irish based manufacturing firms who have very recently been certified to ISO 50001 and who will openly discuss the challenges and experiences they faced during the transition.

The 2017 speaker list consists of current clients we certify to the standard and energy experts that we work with to provide the best possible training programs to help organisations understand and maximise the benefits of the standard.

The event is known for having speakers that provide a unique perspective about ISO 50001, and this year is no different. An Garda Síochána achieved ISO 50001 certification last year, and according to them they are the first police force in the world to implement the standard; be sure to check out this presentation.

Certification Europe has a long history working with the public sector, and we are glad to announce Cork County Council are also speaking about their journey to certification. Cork County Council, certified in 2016, have fully implemented the framework across their entire organisation and are still looking to improve even after certification.

Within the last few years the banking industry, like many others within the private sector, have turned to ISO 50001 and AIB’s story is great success story we are delighted can be shared with delegates. Karen Coyle, Energy & Environmental Manager of AIB, will be discussing their journey to certification.

Another ISO 50001 client that is speaking at the event will be the DAA. Ian Clarke is the Energy Manager at Dublin Airport. Ian is responsible for matters relating to energy consumption and regulatory compliance. Energy strategy and policy making at the airport are central to Ian’s role, with capital expenditure and energy efficiency projects also being a core element.

The event Chairman for this year’s event is Energy Management expert Conor Molloy. Conor has a long relationship with the event and with Certification Europe as he conducts our biannual ISO 50001 Implementation training courses.

Ian Boylan from the Association of Energy Engineers, who also conducts our ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Course, will also be speaking. Ian will be delving into the audit process of ISO 50001. Both Conor and Ian’s training courses are highly sought after and with limited spaces available so be sure to ask them about the courses or drop by the Certification Europe exhibition stand after their presentations to learn more.

The speaker list has been carefully selected based on their experiences and knowledge of this standard, and speakers are keen to network with delegates to develop the standard further within Ireland. ISO 50001 Ireland is driven by the necessity for energy efficiency in business, and no other industry event has or will bring together such a high calibre of delegates and speakers as this conference.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons


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