5 Things you need to know about ISO 50001 & energy efficiency

5 Things you need to know about ISO 50001 and energy efficiency in your business

What is it?
For those of you are not familiar with the new certification standard. ISO 50001 is a new tool that is designed to establish a framework for industrial plants, commercial facilities and entire organizations to manage energy well into the future.


Is it that “Green” thing?
It’s not really even about being “green” all though that is an added benefit. At its core like any good business practice it’s about increasing efficiencies and reducing cost or increasing outputs. Essentially it’s about better business.


Gone tomorrow?
And it’s not a fleeting thing either, some experts have estimated that when it reaches more widespread adoption ISO 50001 could impact over 60 percent of global energy usage. A staggering figure that could have serious implications into the future for industrial efficiencies and cost saving.


What are the requirements?
ISO 50001 does have specific requirements; more information on these requirements can be found on this page ISO 50001 . ISO 50001 is about continuous improvement. So it’s really about where your organization is right now and drawing up a plan for where you’re going to go in the future and how you manage energy and where you’re aiming to find energy savings.


Where is the value?
The value of ISO 50001 is that it provides a framework for this continual improvement for facilities on energy performance, and across the entire organization. To be certified, you have to conform to the ISO 50001 management standard, and you have to improve your energy performance, and get your energy management system audited by an accredited certification body.  This is where Certification Europe can help.


Give us a call or drop us a line and we can take you through how ISO 50001 can help your business. Certification Europe is the only accredited and approved certification body in Western Europe for ISO 50001 and some of our energy management system clients include, Abbott, GlaxoSmithKline, London South Bank University, Bank Of Ireland, DePuy, Pfizer and Xerox.

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