51% Increase in ISO 50001 Certification in Ireland

The annual ISO survey for 2016 was released recently and revealed the number of ISO 50001 Certification’s awarded to Irish businesses increased by 51% from 2015.

These findings are the most comprehensive overview of certifications to all ISO standards currently available. The ISO Survey of Certifications is an annual survey of the number of valid certificates to ISO management system standards worldwide. In order to compile the information in this survey, ISO contact accredited* certification bodies and request information about the number of valid certificates they have as of 31st December 2016.

Europe and ISO 50001

In total over 17000 Certificates were produced in 2016 which is 68% increase on 2015. The UK also saw significant increases for ISO 50001 Certifications in 2016 with a whopping 93% increase on 2015 (2829 from 1424). Germany produced the highest number of ISO 50001 Certifications with over 9000 certs awarded, which represents over 50% of the total no. of certifications for ISO 50001 in Europe.

This is a clear indication that organisations across the UK and Ireland are becoming more aware of their energy usage and that a management system such as ISO 50001 are the best method to not only reduce energy costs but also reduce their impact on the environment. From a business perspective alone, the ROI that ISO 50001 provides has been a key reason for the success of this standard.


EXEED Certified Program

The EXEED Certification Program

Earlier this summer the SEAI have launched the EXEED (Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design) Certification programme. EXEED is an exciting new program for incentivising, rewarding, and facilitating energy efficiency in businesses. EXEED enables organisations to establish a systematic approach to design, construction and commissioning processes for new investments and upgrades to existing assets. The EXEED Certified program aims to influence and deliver new best practices in energy efficient design management. EXEED designs will verify and manage optimum energy performance and management at the earliest stages of the lifecycle.

Funding with EXEED

For any organisation that wishes to participate in the EXEED program grants are available to fund your project.  It is applicable to any organisation in any sector regardless of scale or complexity.

For more information on the EXEED program click here or Register for an FREE 1on1 session with our advisors Today. Our team can explain how your organisation can become certified to ISO 50001 and how you can apply for a grant from the SEAI for the EXEED program

What is ISO 50001:2011?

ISO 50001 is based on the management system model of continual improvement also used for other well-known standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. This makes it easier for organisations to integrate energy management into their overall efforts to improve quality and environmental management.
ISO 50001:2011 provides a framework of requirements for organisations to:
  • Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy
  • Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy
  • Use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use
  • Measure the results
  • Review how well the policy works, and
  • Continually improve energy management.

Click here to learn more about ISO 50001.


EXEED 1on1 application form.

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