Aspen Grove is the first Irish Software company to receive BCMS Certification

Aspen Grove Inc. is the first Irish Software company to receive Business Continuity Management Systems Certification

Aspen Grove Inc. receives BS25999 certification
Left to Right : Caitriona Py Collins – Marketing Development Manager, Aspen Grove, Richard Harpur – Chief Information Officer, Aspen Grove, Michael Brophy – CEO, Certification Europe, Seán Ryan – CEO, Aspen Grove, Paola Vercesi – Marketing Manager, Certification Europe

Technology firm Aspen Grove Inc. was awarded the highly respected BS25999 Business Continuity Management (BCM) systems certification, from Certification Europe in Co. Kerry today. The Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard has been developed to allow businesses to remain operational during disruptions or disasters. The overall objective of  BCM Certification is to protect the company and staff while preserving the organisations reputations and instilling confidence among Aspen Grove’s clients.

Michael Brophy, CEO of Certification Europe commented that:

“Aspen Grove has shown great foresight in attaining both information security and business continuity management systems certification from us. The recent crisis which swept through the banking sector has firmly established the need for companies to be extremely diligent in addressing business continuity management processes internally, particularly in relation to technology. I believe that Aspen Grove is at the forefront in business continuity management systems application in Ireland today, and it presents a premier model for companies to follow in relation to contingency planning and data protection.

The company holds an enviable list of high profile clients within the banking and financial services sector. With it comes a responsibility to the clients to ensure that all of their information is securely kept, and that stringent policy processes protect it against potential threats or disasters. BS25999 provides this certainty. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is seen as a continuous activity with regard to planning, exercising, monitoring and improving. The company has clear “owners” with BCP responsibility across all business functions and a set schedule for Business Continuity exercises which occur throughout the year.

Mr Seán Ryan, CEO of Aspen Grove expounded the numerous benefits of BCM certification at the ceremony:

“When Enterprises look for Solution Partners, they want to know three things: 1) Can you provide a solution 2) is my data safe and secure, and 3) what happens if something breaks. We meet these aforementioned requirements via our certification to the international standards Information Security Management and Business Continuity Management, which were awarded to us by Certification Europe. Particularly BS25999 certification differentiates us from the crowd as we are one of the only software solutions companies to hold this coveted standard in Ireland. Now our Enterprise partners know they can trust us because of our investment in these standards.”

CIO Richard Harpur reiterated CEO Seán Ryan’s points:

“Aspen Grove invests heavily in core infrastructure and process, it is important for us to have Business Continuity included in that core offering; Certification was an obvious choice for us as it gives independent assurance of our BCP capability to our Enterprise clients.”

Every company should establish a business continuity plan which they can set in motion if an organisational disruption occurs. Certification Europe can commence this process for any type of organisation by educating the company management and staff about BCM Certification via specific and customised training and certification. Please visit our website for further information.

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