How can gaining an ISO 27001 Certification help you attract the best staff?

Citrix published a report into Irish work policies that shows Irish business are falling behind their international competitors due to their reluctance in adopting flexible working practises. In a smart, digitally driven economy, it stands to reason that flexible working benefits employees and employers but just how can ISO 27001 help businesses to attract and retain the best staff?

Flexible working grants employees the ability to work remotely, work hours outside of the normal 9-to-5 and gain a better “work-life” balance. This is increasingly important to the best young professionals. From the employers perspective they get more motivated staff, happier staff are more productive and they also get the flexibility of staff being able to work outside of the office, so why do 73% of businesses in Ireland say that they currently do not offer flexible working?

ISO 27001 and lack of control

Lack of control is sited as the number one reason why massive numbers of Irish businesses are choosing not to move into the flexible working environment. Only 6% of Irish businesses are considering introduce a flexible working policy in the coming years, this shows an incredible divergence from the international numbers, 83%  around the world intend to adopt flexible working.

ISO 27001 offers businesses the chance to retain this control over remote working practises. The standard itself builds a culture of security and safety  Staff members are educated on security risks and how to handle any potential breaches. The ISO 27001 standard helps the business to adopt a process lead approach to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and finally improve your Information Security Management System (ISMS). This management system helps IT departments to keep control over staff’s remote access.

A separate but more precise worry of 4% of businesses is the potential loss of confidential customer information.  The ISO 27001 ISMS keeps confidential sources of information secure,  protecting the businesses’ assets, the stakeholders information  and ultimately the reputation of the business.

“Breaking the nine-to-five, office-based mentality is the fastest route to, for example, a reduction in sick days as a result of family matters – as well as significantly boosting productivity and ultimately enhancing an organisation’s reputation to attract and retain talent. Flexible working can have a noticeable effect on businesses’ profitability and employees’ work-life harmony, as well as significant cost-saving benefits. As this study demonstrates, encouraging businesses to take a more progressive stance will reap dividends in the longer term.”

If business can regain that feeling of lost control and integrate a ISMS system that allows them to offer flexible working practises it will help them attract and retain the best staff. If you feel like your business could take the first steps along the road to ISO 27001 certification or perhaps look into some training or ISO 27001 gap analysis then you can contact us today.

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