Indonesia is now top country for cyber crime

Massive Growth in Cyber Crime

Late last week in the quarterly State of the Internet Report by Akamai Technologies it emerged than Indonesia has seen a massive increase in the amount of cyber crime and hacking attacks, so much so that Indonesia has now pushed China out of the top spot for Q2 2013.

This substantial increase, almost double its first-quarter traffic from 21% to 38% of the overall global total, pushes China into second with a still substantial 33%.  Between these two nations they account for almost three quarters of all cyber crime in the world.

This increase comes on top of new earlier in the year that the Indonesian government was creating a Cyber Warfare division in response to suffering cyber crime attacks on itself. These attacks have been attributed to China, South Korea, the USA and Russia, totalling 36.6 million attacks since 2010. This gearing up for cyber activities signals that there may be a new dominant player in the online world.

Indonesia’s prevalence for cyber crime and hacking is partially attributed to its lack of laws governing hacking. As of late 2013 the only law at Indonesia law enforcements disposal to address cyber crime is the IITE law. This law regulates online information and transactions for civilians only and carries a fine of up to 1 billion rupiah only (approximately €67,000).

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