Introducing ACTIV Software

With the launch of our new website, you may have noticed the new products section. We are now providing ACTIV ISO Software for our new and existing clients.

ACTIV is an online platform designed to assist businesses in building and maintaining their ISO certification, from day one through to the certification audit and beyond. It can also be utilized in upgraded and maintain an existing ISO system.  

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ISO Management Software Products

ACTIV Certify

Advance ISO management software to assist with achieving and maintaining ISO certification, by building an effective management system.

  • Available for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001
  • Identify gaps in your management system
  • Simplifying the audit process and creates evidence for an ISO audit

ACTIV Comply

ACTIV Comply is an automated, on demand legal register, ensuring you remain up to date on all legislative changes relating to your business.

  • Achieve and maintain compliance for ISO 27001, 14001 & 50001
  • Automatically create and update your legal register
  • Demonstrate ISO compliance with full accurate audit trail

FAQs about ACTIV ISO Software

Do I need to install or download any Software?

No, ACTIV is online software, there is no requirement for any local installation.

What size company is ACTIV best suited for?

The great benefit of ACTIV is it can be scaled up or down to work for any size company in any industry. ACTIV customers range from SMEs to large national companies. 

Can I access ACTIV on my mobile devices?

Yes, with a working internet connection you will be able to log in to ACTIV.

Is there Training and Support available?

We provide your initial training to get you started and we are always available for technical support. In addition we provide a full library of guidance and videos to provide a detailed, step by step way through the ACTIV Software.

Can I choose the modules in the system?

Yes, the beauty of ACTIV is that you can build a system that works for your company. We suggest you start with the ACTIV Certify package to familiarise yourself with the system. We can then discuss with you to what more you want from the software. We can then add and remove the modules you need, to make sure your system is doing exactly what you need it to do.

How Safe is my Data?

For detailed information on data security, detailed Technical and Information Security Specifications are available on request.

Is there a contract for ACTIV?

Yes, initially, there is a 12-month contract. After 12 months, you will move to a rolling 30-day contract. If you wish to cancel at the end of the 12-months, you can do so by giving just 30-days notice

What are the payment plans?

There are two payment options

  1. Pay an annual subscription
  2. Pay monthly via direct debit

If you would like further information or to arrange a demonstration of ACTIV please contact

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