Irish companies should protect themselves with ISO 27001 information security

ISO 27001 Information Security

ISO 27001 information security certification

Over the weekend Certification Europe’s Charlie Melia was called on as an expert analyst by the Irish Independent to explain why Irish companies should protect themselves with ISO 27001 information security certification.

The Irish Independent contacted Certification Europe in light of the Irish government conducting a series of simulated attacks to ascertain Ireland’s readiness for any hacking attempts as well as a series of high profile hacking incidents across the world.

By its very nature hacking can happen from anywhere in the globe, by connecting to the internet in an attempt to build and grow your business with international or national sales outside of your catchment area you are also connecting to the mechanism that hackers can access your confidential and sensitive information.

Hacking can happen to businesses of any size, the three main broadcasters in South Korea last month or the Australian accountant who was hacked last year both suffered elaborate hacking attacks but where as the larger businesses were more prepared for the attack the case of the smaller business is truly shocking and should be taken as a wake up call for all small to medium Irish businesses.

An unnamed Australian accountant who had less than 50 clients was the victim of a hacking attempt. The hackers were able to access their clients financial information and then they proceeded to render this information unusable by encrypting it. The hackers then proceeded to hold the accountant to ransom for the financial information. Unable to recover this info without paying the ransom the hackers successfully swindled a substantial some of money from the accountant. The accountant who refused to be named for fear of the damage that this incident may cause to their business has now put better protection in place but it is always to be safe rather than sorry.

With more and more businesses implementing information systems the potential for hacking grows by the day. Staying up to date with information security is a full time job in many larger businesses but for smaller businesses they can ensure they have best practise ISO 27001 information security. Certification Europe conducts the only accredited ISO 27001 information security audit in Ireland.

ISO 27001 information security certification audit

An audit involves our penetration testers trying to gain access to a clients systems. 127 separate processes that need to be in place, includes vetting staff with access to sensitive data and ensuring firewalls and virus guards are operating. These systems and procedures encourages a culture of information security, staff begin to keep ISO 27001 information security on their mind when conducting any business. This helps to reduce risk substantially as even the strongest chain is only as good as its weakest link.

With over 90% of all hacking attempts going unreported because of the fear from loss of reputation it is time that more Irish businesses need to protect themselves. If you are ready to protect yourself and your business then contact us today to arrange ISO 27001 information security training, a gap audit in your current information security systems or even to arrange ISO 27001 information security certification.

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