ISO 50001 Energy Essentials for Cost Reduction

ISO 50001 Energy Essentials for Cost Reduction

ISO 50001 energy

At the Nipa’s conference in Belfast, Dr. John Ryan disclosed his industry experience of the best methods of implementing ISO 50001 energy certification for a company. Certification Europe was the first ISO certification body in the world to introduce the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard in 2009. During his presentation John examined various aspects of the ISO 50001 energy standards implementation and shared the know-how that Certification Europe developed as a leading international accredited certification body.
Speaking at the conference, John Ryan, Certification Europe Director of Services commented that:

Reducing energy consumption is an achievable target which every business can accomplish, no matter what size or the industry in which it operates. Implementing the new ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS) enables organisations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, together with other related environmental impacts through the logical, systematic and controlled management of energy.

According to John, there are three fundamental reasons why ISO 50001 certification is an excellent business model for companies to integrate into their business: first, it provides a flexible approach to different types of industries, and companies; second, it leads to continuous improvements within the organisation’s use of energy; third, it originates from well-established environmental management systems and from there it has progressed the issue of energy management in areas such as design, procurement and savings verification.
“Setting targets is a key step in an energy management systems programme, as it gives everyone a clear view of what should be achieved, and it enables progress to be tracked. The key to utilising ISO 50001 management system approach in fact is in the organisational change. Such change requires bringing all persons in an organisation on-board in the design and implementation of the international standard, as they all can impact on improving energy efficient utilization, ”continued John Ryan.

At the end of his speech, John Ryan focused on the benefits provided by the implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy standard: “A systematic Energy Management System adds value to the organisation which range from the awareness of the variables affecting energy consumption, to providing a basis for validating saving projects and improving the company’s return on investment, to making energy management a central day to day operations across functions and departments.”

John Ryan, a champion of sustainable business, has worked in the area of energy management since 2005. He is the author of “Reducing Energy Consumption – How To Accelerate Your Energy Efficiency Programme” a practical manual published earlier this year by MEUC in association with British Gas. The book is intended to provide companies with comprehensive information, supported by examples and simulations, on the actual process of measuring a company’s consumption, setting and reaching energy saving targets, and maximising financial resources allocated to energy investments and expenditures.

Dr. John Ryan’s book can be purchased through the MEUC and by contacting us directly on 01 6429300 to order a copy.

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