Looking back at ISO 50001 Ireland

ISO 50001 Ireland

April the 24th saw over 100 interested engineers, energy management professionals, designers and industry experts gather in the Aviva stadium for the inaugural ISO 50001 Ireland event.

Former Energy and Natural resources Minister Eamon Ryan opened the event speaking at length about economic revival and how the Eco-business has such a large part to play in Ireland’s recovery. This really stuck home with the attendees as Ireland had hosted 30 Environment Ministers that same week, energy and its use in the economy was truly at the forefront of peoples minds.

Some tremendous topics were covered throughout the day, Phillip Lee spoke about the legal considerations of Certification. Philip clarified what the ISO standard considered was a building and gave a room full of engineers and energy managers a unique insight into one of the less considered aspects of ISO 50001 Certification.

Ed Collins from Glaxo Smith-Kline presented a real life insight into achieving the standard including his own organisations challenges. Ed also spoke about the lesser known benefits, such as improved employee performance, that accrue to certified businesses. His presentation saw many attendees furiously taking notes and we are sure that he has been contacted many times in the past few weeks.

Dr Dominic O’Sullivan from UCC spoke expertly about metering and monitoring and he also gave an example approach that led again to a room full of scribbled notes. Warning delegates about salesman got quite a big laugh and then it was time for the lunch break after a hectic morning session.

After the break a rested and renewed crowd where treated to David Gascon from Vayu Energy presenting on procurement, one of the most often over looked fields and a place where businesses can undo all their good work. Touching on gas prices and hedging options it was as comprehensive a look as one could fit into such a large topic in such a brief window.

The SEAI was represented by John O’Sullivan who spoke about the SEAI programmes centred around the ISO 50001 standard and Energy Management in general. His presentation closed by offering a vantage into developments into the SEAI’s policies.

Tony Power spoke about how Bausch & Lomb went about achieving their certification. Their experiences in the audit process and also the best allocation of resources in the business and Tony Power was delighted to receive his framed certificate at the ISO 50001 Ireland event.

Another attendee to ISO 50001 Ireland also received their framed certificate at the event. Enda McDonagh had undergone ISO 50001 certification with Bord Na Móna and was delighted to finally take ownership of his brand new certificate in the Aviva stadium.

After the brief break for tea and coffee Paul Boylan spoke about Citi’s approach to sustainability and how to include ISO 50001 with ISO 9001 and ISO 140001. Combining more than one ISO management system makes sense and really pays off for Citi.

Ian Boylan was the last speaker and he presented a very detailed overview on auditing and verification. He touched on lots of different topics but one that was close to home was about non-conformances down to EnPl not being met and establishing a baseline.

Chairperson for the day Conor Molloy kept everything on schedule, made sure the day ran smoothly and will surely be in demand for future events.

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