Named and Shamed – Emissions Omitted

Irish companies that have failed to disclose their Carbon Footprints


Last week, CDP, an independent charity that engages companies, investors and governments on environmental action, exposed the list of organisations that have failed to disclose their carbon footprints.

Usually this report is used to salute those companies that have been leaders in tackling Climate change, like Certification Europe clients and ISO 50001 certified – Kingspan.

Recently, the report has taken to highlighting those that fail to submit their carbon emissions. This year, 27 Irish plcs, failed to submit their findings.

While some may have legitimate grievances of these findings, due to apparent inaccurate reporting, others are refusing to comment on the issue and in one case, they believed that the composition of their emissions report would be too costly.

After hearing (or not in most cases) the feedback of the report, the CDP stated that it had given ample time and notice to the firms included and that they were entitled to expose those who did not comply with its survey.

Ireland’s CDP chairwoman, Emma Jane Joyce stated, “Measurement and transparency are where meaningful climate action starts”.

This is a clear indication of many firms in Ireland that simply do not rank Environmental responsibility and Climate Action as a priority. This is also echoed by the multitude of reports that indicate that Ireland will fail to meet its emissions targets by 2020.

Whether or not it’s right to name and shame organisations on this report, action needs to be taken and those that are failing the most simple of tasks must be held accountable.

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