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Author: Kimberly Bradley – Business Development Executive

Although there is now some light on the horizon,  we are heading  into the 2nd year of living or working with COVID-19 and many businesses are now considering changing their normal work practices on a longer-term basis. This may be reducing your physical office size with staff working from home on a full-time basis or adopting a much more flexible approach to working from home than you may have considered prior to 2020.

With any big change like this, there are many elements which must fall in to place. Providing structure and routine to ensuring some standard practices can only help to ensure that both the business and your customers have the confidence in the products or services you are providing.

How do Cyber Attacks happen?

Since COVID-19 struck the world, there has been a sustained increase from cyber criminals looking to maximise on the situation. They are constantly adapting and increasing the sophistication of their attacks. But with 99% of cyber-attacks generally requiring some form of personal interaction for them to be a success, there are ways to protect yourself and your business from the standard types of attacks.

Phishing email, a message to What’s App or a simple text message are generally the normal type of cyber-attack. Once opened, malware is activated and installed on to a laptop, PC, tablet or  mobile phone. This can then be used to access yours and others information, and if this is on a work device, can expose your business to some serious data breaches and loss of reputation for the business.

As we all know when the first lockdown took place back in March 2020, there was a rush to get the workforce set up for working from home. At that time, it may not have been your priority to look at all the security in place for staff on the devices utilised to ensure business continuity. However,  as the pandemic has continued,  have you had a chance to review where your business cyber security is now?

How to protect your business from Cyber Attacks?

One of the standout ways, which many companies put a huge amount of confidence in, is to obtain a Cyber Essentials certificate. This will provide that much needed confidence for you and your customers that your business is meeting a cyber-security standard which is now recognised around the world.

Cyber Essentials can review the processes in place for your company and highlight any areas where the business may be open to attack from the criminals.  Cyber Essentials is also renewed on an annual basis to ensure your business’s cyber-security is always up to date and relevant to you and your business.


Once you have completed the Cyber Essentials certification,  you can step up to the additional level of security offered by  Cyber Essentials Plus. This is a more detailed look into your business set up and the security of every device you have in place for your staff and customers. As working from home becomes more of the norm, prospective customers are looking for the additional level of confidence in cyber security from companies they do business with.  Click on the secure link below to find out more on what Certification Europe can do to assist you in your journey to get that all important Cyber Essentials certificate for your business.

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Kimberly Bradley

Business Development Executive

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