Solar Skyscrapers

New Solar window technology could revolutionize how we generate solar power.

2015 is the year of Energy efficiency. Homes, businesses and governments are turning their attention to the state of the planet and understanding the need to use clean renewable power. As a result of this, people and businesses are finding new advances to these sources. Massive business opportunities have risen from new legislation requiring organisations to manage their energy better.

SolarWindow are working on changing how we use Solar energy. Until recently, Solar power was only generated on large Solar farms, usually located in a rural, minimally populated area. As there is no piece of land in or near a city, where the highest demand for energy lies, the transportation of the solar power was a significant percentage of the cost. Now, SolarWindow have created a new technology. According to SolarWindow their product can produce 50 times more power than conventional PV panels.They also claim that the energy produced from their windows will have a complete ROI within a year. Astonishing as the average payback from PV is between 3-5 years.

The model is also a simple retrofit to current window installations. It can be used as a coating for windows of an office block or factory. Imagine a skyscraper in London, New York or Singapore was to use this on their buildings. This would not only supply their electricity, it would also save on the transportation of energy. The panels are also useful in low and artificial light. Sounds too good to be true!

The company believe that the product can achieve a 25 year warranty. The standard length of traditional PV. Although this is still in early production, SolarWindow claim their technology will be commercially within the next 28 months. *Checks watch*

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