Successful retention of ISO 50001 at the Irish Naval Service

Certification Europe awards ISO 50001 to the Naval ServiceSuccessful retention of ISO 50001 certification at the Irish Naval Service as assessed by Certification Europe

Focus on energy as a source of corporate responsibility is the key to the Naval Service’s Energy Management System certification renewal.

A further step on the ISO 50001 certification journey has been made at the Irish Naval Service as Certification Europe confirmed its continued conformance to the international standard for Energy Management.

Our effort towards ISO 50001 retention focused on activities which contribute to increasing energy efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption and its associated cost. Certification has lead to reduced GHG emissions and carbon footprint, increased energy awareness among staff, facilitated decision-making processes in incorporating energy considerations from system design through to operation, and improved corporate responsibility – affirmed Gerard Menihane, Lieutenant Commander, Officer In Charge Electrical & Electronic Section – The in-depth assessment performed by Certification Europe helped us turn the Energy Management System at the Naval Service into a fluid process rather than a set of loosely interlinked activities”, added Lt Cdr Menihane.

With the knowledge of ISO 50001 accumulated in the process of retaining its certificate, the Naval Service has streamlined its Energy Management process and documentation, in order to achieve consistent energy efficiencies in those areas where consumption is more significant – explained John Ryan, Certification Europe Director of Services – They have also committed to communicate and implement Energy Management targets across the organisation. This was a shared effort which had a critical impact on their final success in maintain conformity to the best practice concept encapsulated in ISO 50001 Energy standard.”

As a component arm of the Irish Defence Forces, the Naval Service is the State’s principal seagoing agency with a general responsibility to meet contingent and actual maritime defence requirements. It is also tasked with a variety of other roles. The link between energy consumption, the depletion of the natural resources and its environmental impact is key for the Naval Service, which is committed to be a champion in the efficient use of energy leading the way in the public sector for the whole society.

The Naval Service’s ISO 50001 targets for the future will be focused on continued energy efficiency increases, reduced energy costs, diminished GHG and carbon footprint, in the operations and support structures order to meet the NEEAP targets while improving the Naval Services corporate responsibility.

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