Benefits of ISO 9001

As time goes by in any business change is something that is inevitable and it is those business that manage change well that do well in the long run. Often changes place a short term load on a business but ultimately the business reaps the reward.

Quality management systems are much like any other investment they too bare the burden of an initial load at the start but in the long term the benefits can be substantial.

You have to remember that once upon a time we did all our accounts and double entry bookkeeping by hand. Was it a huge investment to import all of that data to computer? Of course, but the benefits in visibility and management of information as well as processing efficiency are enormous. Similarly Implementing ISO 9001 while having a little pain as processes are changed initially will be significant in the future.

One of the questions often asked is what are the outcomes of applying a standard such as ISO 9001. They can be many, but start with the clear definition and documentation of procedures which help to ensure consistent output from your business. As it’s a standard that must be maintained a constant measurement of quality is necessary to maintain standards and the procedures include actions to correct defects when they occur. As a result of this defects in product or service quality occur less and are caught earlier and therefore cost less to correct.

Another benefit of the definition of procedures is that current practices which are inefficient or defunct, are eliminated and replaced by streamlined processes.

Having the new procedures well documented means employees have something easy to follow. The new quality procedures aren’t separate from the normal work flow but in fact become the work flow. Effectively, well implemented ISO 9001 procedures become invisible.

Increased efficiency and inconsistency elimination mean better customer retention in the long term.

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