World Accreditation Day 2012

World Accreditation Day 2012Saturday June 9th, 2012 marks World Accreditation Day which was established to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation-related activities globally. This year’s theme focuses on the role that accreditation plays in supporting the provision of safe food and clean drinking water globally, a theme which everyone can relate to. Every individual requires access to clean drinking and sufficient food to live, which must be affordable, nutritionally adequate and safe.


World Accreditation Day 2012


In analysing this topic we are faced with the challenge of identifying:

  1. Is our food and water is safe; is it is free from toxins, contaminants and pollutants.
  2. Is it authentic? Are we consuming the genuine article? Are all of the ingredients listed on the products label?
  3. How is it produced? Is the food or water produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner? Is it fair trade or organically produced?


Certification Europe like all accreditation bodies will participate in promoting World Accreditation day to our clients, government, and regulators. Please refer to our news page closer to June 9th for further information.


You can watch a short film which was used to promote the 2011 World Accreditation Day by clicking on the below link. It features interviews with Randy Dougherty (IAF President) and Peter Unger (ILAC Chair). The video explores the benefits of accreditation for governments, markets and consumers.

IAF and ILAC World Accreditation Day



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