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Environmental enforcement

We have unrivalled experience in environmental enforcement as we have been providing environmental and enforcement services at both a regional and national level to several Local Authorities since 2011.

We have worked on several high profile environmental and enforcement investigations providing novel methods to our clients ranging from designing complex investigations, specialist surveillance and legal file preparation.

Our expertise​

Examples of the types of investigations we carry out include:

  • Illegal Storage of waste in the front or back of a property (e.g. black bag waste, furniture, food waste)
  • Illegal disposal of waste
  • Burning of waste/ backyard burning
  • Illegal transport of waste (all transporters of waste must have an up to date waste collection permit)
  • Dog-fouling

All our inspections are carried out by trained, authorised personnel and are tailored to meet the requirements of the client, in accordance with the appropriate regulations. In carrying out these investigations we:

  • Follow the directions/ instructions of the client
  • Collect, manage and interpret data and gather evidence
  • Take samples and gather photographic evidence when necessary
  • Take of witness and alleged offender statements
  • Prepare written reports and legal files as necessary
  • Ensuring the chain of custody is maintained
  • Liaising with other bodies and agencies including An Garda Síochána, Customs and Revenue and the EPA
  • Giving of evidence in court

We have ongoing communication and cooperation with An Garda Síochána, Customs and Revenue as part of our enforcement and inspections services. For all inspections, we review suitability, fit of legislation and our team. We strive to raise standards within the waste enforcement sector and we can tailor our experience to meet your needs. We ensure that all investigations carried out are done in accordance with the legal rules governing investigations.

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