Inspection Services

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Environmental expertise

We can draw on the talents of environmental scientists, biologists, chemists and sustainability professionals combined with the expert knowledge of former high ranking members of An Garda Síochána to carry out surveillance on behalf of our clients.

Our expertise​​

The diverse blend of professional backgrounds equips the division with extensive capacity across the areas of waste crime, transboundary movements of waste and the enforcement of environmental legislation.

All our surveillance operations are carried out by trained, authorised personnel and are tailored to meet the requirements of the client and in accordance with the appropriate regulations.

Covert Surveillance

We carry out covert surveillance to gain an understanding of what is occurring on sites of interest to ascertain patterns of the waste disposal being carried out, the vehicles used and the individuals involved in this activity.

Overt Surveillance

Once a pattern of the activity of disposal on the site has been identified, the focus is then placed on those involved. If during the investigation individuals are observed collecting waste, legal proceedings may be recommended to the client.

Inspection Services Enquiry

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