Top 10 ISO Standards Questions


Are you considering implementing the globally recognised ISO Standards but not sure if they will suit your organisation? We speak with organisations on a weekly basis about how ISO Standards can benefit them. Check out our top 10 questions we are regularly asked when an organisation is considering ISO standards.

1. What is ISO?

ISO is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organisations. They develop and publish various standards, guidelines and technical reports across all industries and sectors. There is even an ISO standard for making a cup of tea –  ISO 3103:2019

Certification Europe specifically audits against management systems.

2. Is there a legal requirement to obtain certification?

Currently, in Ireland, there is no legal requirement to obtain any ISO certification.

3. What Standards does Certification Europe certify?

We certify the following management systems:

‣ ISO 9001 Quality
‣ ISO 14001 Environmental
‣ ISO 45001 (Previously OHSAS 18001) Health and Safety
‣ ISO 27001 Information Security Management
‣ ISO 50001 Energy
‣ ISO 22301 Business Continuity
‣ ISO 20000-1 IT

4. Why should a company become ISO certified?

A company would choose to become certified to a specific standard for a multitude of reasons. The main reasons would be

• Demonstrate best practice
• To streamline their process and procedure
• Reassurance to clients and stakeholders the company complies with an international framework
• Reputation
• Cost Savings
• Competitive advantage

5. How long does the certification audit take?

A certification audit is split into two stages with an 8 – 12 week gap in between.

‣ Stage One which is a minimum of 1 – 2 days
‣ Stage Two which is a minimum of 2 – 3 days

6. How long is the ISO certificate valid for, and are there audits during that time?

The ISO certificate is valid for three years. Throughout the three-year life-cycle, surveillance audits will take place. They are conducted on a bi-annual basis.

7. Does the ISO standard have to apply to all departments within the company?

No, when choosing to become certified, you and your team will define the Scope of Certification. The scope describes the section of the company (and its activities) you would like to be certified to. The scope can include the whole company, a specific section or a specific location.

8. Is Certification Europe an accredited body?

Yes, Certification Europe is accredited under INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board).

9. Can Certification Europe help with implementing the ISO management system?

No, as an accredited certification body, we must remain independent from the ISO system, as it would be a conflict of interest. Many ISO consultants in Ireland and UK can assist in building an ISO system for your company.

10. What type of companies get ISO certified?

We currently certify various organisations, including Health, Finance, Information Security, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and the Public Sector. To find out some of the organisations we work with watch below:

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Emma Orford
Emma Orford


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