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ISO 20000-1

IT Service Management Systems

ISO 20000-1 Service Management is the international standard specifically focused on IT service management. It ensures the design, operation, control and delivery of an organisation’s IT Service Management System (SMS) is built and maintained in accordance with mandatory ISO 20000-1 requirements.

ISO 20000-1 is a popular standard across many sectors but, in particular, the IT, Transport, Storage & Communications industries hold the highest number of certifications to this standard. In total, there are over 27,000 certificates issued across 94 countries.

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What is ISO 20000-1?

ISO 20000-1:2018 focuses on ensuring the quality of IT services, covering aspects such as design, operation, control and delivery. The standard provides a framework for organisations to establish and maintain an effective IT Service Management System (SMS).

ISO 20000-1 certification signifies an organisation’s dedication to:

  • Implementing a structurally operational and modern service management system.
  • Demonstrating compliance with international standards and regulations in IT service management.
  • Building employee and client trust through a quality service management system.
  • Optimising resources and improving service delivery.
  • Continuously improving processes for sustainable quality service management.
  • Driving customer satisfaction through enhanced internal and external services.

By achieving ISO 20000-1 certification, organisations showcase their commitment to delivering high-quality IT services, meeting customer expectations and fostering a culture of continual improvement in IT service management.

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What are the benefits?


Incident Reduction


Enhanced Reputation


Integrated Process


Reduced Response Times

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Continual Improvement


Business Understanding


Asset Protection

Market & Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage




Customer Satisfaction

Consistent Service Delivery

Key Requirements of ISO ISO 20000-1

The ISO 20000-1 standard outlines a number of requirements that organisations must meet to demonstrate their commitment to IT Service Management Systems. These include:

Service Design: Plan and design IT services effectively to meet organisational objectives.

Incident Management: Efficiently identify, report and resolve IT service disruptions.

Service Continuity: Implement measures for the continuity of essential IT services during disruptions.

Release Management: Implementing a structured process for assessing, approving and deploying new releases of IT services to ensure stability.

Service Improvement: Continually enhance IT service management processes for better efficiency.

Performance Measurement: Monitor and measure IT service performance against established benchmarks.

Implementing ISO 20000-1

Ensuring a robust IT Service Management System for ISO 20000-1 certification requires commitment throughout your organisation. You may wish to have a Certification Body conduct a Gap Analysis to review the readiness of your IT Service Management before going through the Certification Assessments.

Initiate your ISO 20000-1 certification journey by reaching out to our team by completing this form.

Becoming Certified to ISO 20000-1

Stage One

The initial assessment determines if the mandatory requirements of the standard are being met and if the management system is capable of proceeding to Stage 2.


Stage Two

The second assessment determines the effectiveness of the system, and seeks to confirm that the management system is implemented and operational.


Recommendation for Certification

At this point in the process we review any corrective actions taken to address findings raised at Stage 1 & 2. Certification may be recommended.


Certification Review & Decision

The organisations files are reviewed by an independent and impartial panel and the certification decision is made.


Certification Achived

Successful certification is communicated to the client. Certificates are issued.


Becoming Certified to ISO 20000-1

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ISO 20000-1 FAQs

An increasing number of organisations are implementing an IT SMS, based around ISO 20000-1. ISO 20000-1 is a popular standard across many sectors but, in particular, the IT, Transport, Storage & Communications industries hold the highest number of certifications to this standard. Other industries with a number of ISO 20000-1 certifications include Shipbuilding, Financial Intermediation, Real Estate, Renting, Public Administration and Engineering. (Data taken from the 2022 ISO Survey)

ISO 20000-1:2018 is the latest version of ISO 20000-1 and is updated from the original ISO 20000-1:2011. At Certification Europe, we certify organisations to the most up-to-date ISO standards available to ensure we are meeting the most current requirements.

ISO 20000-1 provides an overarching framework for your organisation to deliver an effective IT service management system.

You should gather together members of your organisation so you can devise a comprehensive plan, strategy, policy, procedures, and controls to give your organisation an effective system into which you can then implement ISO 20000-1.  There are checklists available online to get started, or some organisations choose to work with a consultant to begin the process of implementing a management system. Once this has been achieved, you’re ready to begin the journey to certification.

The IT Service Management Standard lasts for three years and is subject to mandatory assessments to ensure compliance. At the end of the three years, you will be required to complete a reassessment.

Certification Europe can provide in house ISO training for your staff through the implementation process to ISO 20000-1. Contact our team to learn more about our training courses by completing this form.

We are audited annually to ensure its services meet the exact requirements of the relevant accreditation standards.

Certification Europe is accredited through APMG for ISO 20000-1 accreditation.

Our assessment teams have over 25 years of experience working with organisations and delivering exceptional certification services. We strive to make the needs and requirements of your organisations an utmost priority.

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