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Last updated: 30 September 2020

We sometimes place cookies on your device which help us serve relevant adverts to you when you visit other websites.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files, stored in a browser’s directory.

Cookies can be used to:

• Help a website work more efficiently (by remembering what items or pages were last looked at)
• Allow the visitor to perform certain tasks (such as storing items in a shopping basket or logging into a restricted area)
• Provide information to the website owner about how visitors use and navigate the website.

You can find out more about cookies by visiting:

Most browsers allow you to view, delete and block cookies. To find out how manage cookies, visit

Cookies help us improve the performance of the website as it remembers your preferences and we can make tweaks based on visitor behaviour and statistics.  We sometimes place cookies on your device which help us serve relevant adverts to you when you visit other websites.

Types of cookies we use

The categories of cookies we use on the website and the function they perform is listed below.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the website to operate correctly and cannot be disabled without ruining the usability of the website.  The law does not require us to ask consent to use these cookies and they will always be placed when you use this website.

N.B Where possible, we delete these cookies when you leave the website.

Functional Cookies

These cookies remember the choices you make on our website, improving your experience.  We use them to display recommendations for you based on your past activity on the site. Functional Cookies may be required for actions such as watching a video.

Any data that these cookies collect is anonymised before being used for any other purpose– we don’t keep records of your data or track you personally or monitor how you browse on other websites.

This information is not made available to other websites.

We also use third party cookies from companies such as Facebook and Twitter to allow you to share information via your timeline or by liking or sharing content.

Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies are used to gather anonymous data on how visitors use the website.

They look at what pages are the most popular, how long visitors stay on them, if and when a user gets an error message and other similar useful data which we use to improve how the website works and make information easier to find.  This data is anonymous and we cannot track you individually using analytics cookies.

Contact details

If you have any questions or comments regarding how we use cookies on this website, please contact us at:


Post: Data Protection, Amtivo Group, 30 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4UY

General Information

The protection of your privacy is the utmost importance to us and we follow the latest privacy regulations through the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) in terms of collection, handling and utilisation of data.

Utilisation of website

If you are using our website we do not require any personal data. However, in cases where we need your e-mail address, name and address as well as other information in order to deliver the desired service; for example, for the subscription to our e-mail newsletter or establishing contacts with us though our various forms.

General data transfer and data logging

We appreciate the trust of our visitors on our website. Therefore we deal with your data at utmost accurateness. For the use of our website you will not be required to enter personal data. Entering personal data will only be necessary when completing contact forms/newsletter subscription details. However, in special cases we will ask you to enter your name and address as well as other information in order to deliver the desired service, e.g. in terms of establishing contacts with us. We will advise you if it is necessary. Furthermore we only save and work with data, which you provide on your own choice. We will never sell or market your data to any third party.


To utilise the functionality of our website to the most productive level we use “cookies”, in order to recognise you during your next visit. Your browser saves the cookie on the hard drive on your computer. To protect your privacy our cookies do not contain any personal information. This ensures that the data does not give any information about your person and that it is anonymous. Most of the browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can certainly visit our website without cookies. If you do not wish the saving of cookies on your hard drive, you can select “no acceptance of cookies” in your browser. Please note browser setting vary from application to application. Please refer to your help notes within your browser settings.

About Cookies
Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

Are Cookies Enabled in my Browser?
To check whether your browser is configured to allow cookies, visit the Cookie checker. This page will attempt to create a cookie and report on whether or not it succeeded.
For information on how to enable or disable cookies, see ‘Enabling cookies‘.
For information on how to delete cookies, see ‘Deleting cookies‘.

Managing cookies in your browser

Most modern browsers will allow you to:

• See what cookies you’ve got and delete them on an individual basis.
• Block third party cookies.
• Block cookies from particular sites.
• Block all cookies from being set.
• Delete all cookies when you close your browser.

You should be aware that any preferences will be lost if you delete cookies. This also includes where you have opted out from cookies, as this requires an opt-out cookie to be set. Also, if you block cookies completely many websites will not work properly and some functionality on these websites will not work at all.

Data collection and handling

If your web-browser automatically sends data like time and datum of access, URL of the referring site, recalled data, amount of data sent, type and version of the browser, system software as well as your IP-address, the data will be analysed for statistical purposes in order to improve the website. Any additional data will only be collected if the information is optional, for example during an enquiry or registration.

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