National TransFrontier Shipment Office (NTFSO)

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Certification Europe provides enforcement services to various local authorities and national bodies. These waste enforcement activities are carried out in line with European and national environmental legislation on behalf of the National TransFrontier Shipment Office (NTFSO).

Client Requirement

Dublin City Council’s NTFSO is the National Competent Authority under the Waste Management (shipments of Waste) regulations 2007 for the export, transit and import of waste.

The provision of our compliance and enforcement service is to ensure that all waste being exported, transited or imported to the Irish State, is in accordance with the relevant regulations and guidelines.

Our team is responsible for implementing an enforcement and compliance regime and ensuring that appropriate action is taken against those infringing the European Waste Shipment Regulation – Regulation (EC) 1013/2006 of the European Parliament and of the council.


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