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Certification Europe Ltd. (Ireland) (CEL), founded in 1999, is an Irish based, internationally focused Accredited Certification Body.

Headquartered in Dublin, we provide auditing, training, inspection and independent assessment services through a professional, client focused and dynamic approach to the auditing process of client operations.


We focus on the clients’ needs to develop a tailor-made scheme that fits their overall business model. 

Our Services & Products

  • ISO Certification
  • Training Courses
  • Inspection Services 
  • Activ ISO Management Software
  • Cyber Essentials Certification


Certification Europe independently assesses organisations to identify what is required to achieve an ISO standard by partnering your organisation with Lead Assessor with extensive experience in your industry. 

Our Assessment Team have 20+ years’ experience working with companies providing expert assessments on what is required to achieve a particular ISO standard.

We provide the highest quality analysis possible on what is required by your organisation to achieve a particular standard.


Certification Europe’s Training Division provides organisations with the opportunity to learn more about ISO standards and also provide in-depth training in Implementation of ISO standards plus teach how you can audit your own organisation against ISO standards.

To help organisations understand what is involved in achieving ISO standards we offer training courses conducted by our Lead Assessors who work with organisations on a weekly basis.

This first-hand knowledge gives a unique and relevant perspective to your staff which can be invaluable to organisations either obtaining an ISO standard for the first time or looking to improve on existing standards.

We provide training courses both online and in a classroom format. We can also provide bespoke training on any ISO standard and conduct the training within your organisation.

Please see our upcoming ISO online training courses


Our Inspection Services Division has unrivalled experience in the field of waste enforcement and environmental inspections in Ireland. Our team is comprised of dynamic industry experts who have led key projects regionally and nationally on behalf of local authorities, state agencies and government departments.

Our services include:

Our Inspection Division has been engaged on high profile projects across a broad range of environmental disciplines including:

Contracted by Dept. of Environment, Heritage and Local Government to develop national standards in support of environmental regulations on the RX3 Project

Provision of Enforcement and inspection services to Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and the National TFS Office

Project Co-ordination for preparation and management of the Eastern-Midlands Regional Waste Management Plan 2015-2021

Provision of Technical Assistance for the Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authority for the Eastern-Midlands Region.

Pilot environmental projects for Louth County Council & Monaghan County Council

Development and roll-out of awareness and compliance campaigns on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency

Why Choose Certification Europe

Our purpose is to make a significant contribution to the protection and improvement of society as a whole by making all organisations more robust in front of the increasingly competitive business environment, and the reduction of available resources.

In the local and international environment, our dynamic portfolio of certifications and inspection services makes a difference in our approach to clients, and it is based on:

The distinctive nature and consistency of the guidance that we can provide to our clients.

Our ability to maintain a premier level of professional performance and customer service towards our clients.

This is our Assurance Proposition, a successful method which makes us unique in the international scene of accredited certification bodies and inspection services providers.

Our clients are our main evangelists, and we are proud to display their feedback on Certification Europe with regard to our partners across our areas of business.

Activ ISO Management Software

Activ ISO Management software is a complete cloud-based compliance and ISO management software fully tailored to your needs.

We understand what it takes to achieve and maintain ISO certification, and our ISO management system software is designed to help you do exactly that.

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a globally recognised IT security standard developed by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, which is used to ensure that IT software and processes are secure and organisations are protected from data breaches and leaks.

Gaining Cyber Essentials certification allows organisations to showcase trustworthy security credentials and demonstrate their commitment to cyber security.