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Brand Guidelines

We are proud of the Certification Europe brand, and we hope each of our clients and partners are pleased to showcase their connection to our company. 

The Brand Guidelines below should help you to correctly utilise and display the Certification Europe brand assets effectively. 

Our Logo

This is Certification Europe’s primary logo. If your company would like to display our logo on your website, or in any documentation, please contact our Marketing Team for written consent and to obtain the correct, high-quality version(s). 

We have two additional versions of our logo to allow for placement on various coloured backgrounds. 

When your organisation achieves successful certification

How to use it

All logos need ‘breathing space’ between them and other elements, known as the ‘clearance zone’. This ensures that the logo stands out and is not visually compromised by any other elements such as text or images placed within the same field of vision. Please ensure, when considering the placement of our logo, that nothing enters the clearance zone space around the logo. 

The logo may never be printed or reproduced below the size of 45mm in width. It should always be displayed in the highest quality. 

Our ISO Logos

Our ISO Logos are available to our clients who have successfully achieved ISO certification through our Certification Journey.  

When your organisation achieves successful certification, our Certification Services Team will contact you with a high-quality digital version of the ISO Logo for your business. We can also provide a white version of the ISO logos, just reach out to our Marketing Team to ask.

These logos can be used to promote your certification on your website, social media, offices, and more. 

How to use them

Our ISO logos should not be displayed smaller than 65mm in width and the correct colouring should always be used. The colours should not be altered in any way. 

You must only use the logos associated with the standards/schemes for which you hold a current Certification Europe certificate of registration. 

If you are displaying your ISO logo on your company website, it’s important not to cause ambiguity on what locations, departments or services of the company are certified.

Please only display ISO logos for the specific locations, departments or services covered within the certification scope.

To find out some simple and effective ways to showcase your ISO certifications.

Incorrect Logo Usage

To maintain consistency throughout our branding, our logos should never be altered or displayed incorrectly. Certification Europe may act against unauthorised or infringing use or use that does not conform to these Brand Guidelines.

Some examples of incorrect logo usage can be seen below:

Please note: Certification Europe Clients are not permitted to use any accreditation symbol from an Accreditation Body (i.e., INAB, UKAS or APMG).

Our Colours

The following blue and orange are the colours used for our logos. Please use the CMYK, RGB, Hex or Pantone codes correctly for any publication of our logos or brand online or in print. 

CE colour pallet's

Products & Product Packaging

Certification Europe provides Management System Certification, we do not provide product certification services.

We do not permit the use of our logos (including Accreditation Body logos) on any product or product packaging, as this may be interpreted as denoting product conformity. This also applies to vehicles, buildings and flags.

If our clients would like to reference their management system certification on a product or a product’s packaging, they may do so in text format only such as:

  • Identication (e.g. Brand or name); 
  • The type of management system (e.g. Quality, environment) and 
  • the applicable standard; and 
  • The certication body issuing the certificate.

Please do not use our logos on any product or product packaging.

We do not permit our logos to be applied by clients to laboratory testing, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.

Our logos cannot be altered or paired with any other organisation’s logo that has no association with Certification Europe.

Terms & Conditions

By using any of Certification Europe’s logos, designs or assets, you accept and agree to comply with the Certification Europe Terms & Conditions, found here.

You further acknowledge that Certification Europe may act against unauthorised or infringing use or use that does not conform to these Brand Guidelines. 


If you have any questions relating to Certification Europe’s Brand Assets, please contact our Marketing Team by emailing