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ACTIV Certify

ISO Certification Manager

Activ Certify ISO Management Tool

ACTIV Certify is a User-Friendly cloud-based ISO compliance software and management system, which gives you and your business full control of your ISO Certification progress and continuing development.

An effective management system has many parts that work smoothly together. At its core is document management and control. Then, you need a set of tools to efficiently manage specific activities such as supplier assessment, customer feedback, complaints and improvement ideas, audits, incidents, HR, and company assets.


Activ Certify Modules

Activ Certify has several modules to simplify and improve all aspects of your management system. Use one or several in any combination according to your business need. Working seamlessly together, Activ’s modules give you the power to control, comply and improve.


Activ Certify gives you a framework in which you can store, track, and control all your processes and documents.


Activ Certify generates automated workflows to prompt you to record and maintain information, ensuring you comply with ISO standards and legislation.


Activ Certify gives you the tools, actions and manage change. Its features continually evolve to match updated standards.

Which standards does Activ Certify help with?

Activ gives you the tools to build and run an integrated management system and comply with any management system standard including:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 – Health & Safety Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
  • ISO 50001 – Energy Management

Achieving ISO compliance and being rewarded with INAB-accredited certification is more than just a badge of honour – it can be a significant advantage over your competition.

It demonstrates that your business has a strong and proven set of processes in place to deliver the products and services, giving your customers confidence to conduct business with you, safe in the knowledge that you are meeting ISO standards and always looking for ways to improve.

However, achieving ISO certification can be a daunting task – especially if you’re starting from a blank canvas. ACTIV Certify can help and support you through the process.

Why choose Activ Certify?

ACTIV Certify can make it easier to create and maintain your ISO management system with a suite of features to help you:

Work through a step-by-step checklist that keeps you on track to achieve certification by your target date

Enable greater employee involvement in business improvements so that you can deliver them quickly and more effectively

Integrate the requirements of the ISO standards seamlessly into your existing business activities and processes, reducing doubt and uncertainty

Reduce your business risk and limit over dependence on key staff while significantly reducing the resources required to achieve and maintain compliance

Eliminate unnecessary administration by allocating, tracking, and setting deadlines with automated tasks, making it easier to identify

Enable the controlled introduction of new business processes or make changes to existing ones

Minimise the financial implications and reputational cost of non-compliance as the system ensures that all issues identified during internal audits are addressed quickly and simplified in a comprehensible manner

Enable secure, controlled access to documents, records, and information from any location, allowing relevant teams to instantly view, update and control their ISO requirements

Provide controlled access to your system from anywhere meaning that employees do not necessarily need to be always on-site for auditing, freeing up their time and making the audit a smoother process

You Build your System

ISO Certification Manager

Build an ISO compliant management system with a set of document and process templates. A simple project management plan ensures audit-readiness.

Business Risk Manager

Conduct a high-level business risk assessment in a simple, structured way. Record risks, opportunities, and associated controls. Assign actions.

Customer and Supplier Manager

Streamline customer and supplier relationship management with automated feedback and supplier approval processes


Maximise efficiency with clearly mapped, consistently implemented processes. Create an all-encompassing and accessible business operating manual.

Legal Compliance Manager

Automatically create and maintain your legal register. Review your legal compliance. Stay up to date with relevant legislation changes.

HR Manager

Have a go-to place to expertly manage skills, training records and appraisals. Maintain all statutory employee records confidentially.

File Manager

Solve the familiar problem of enabling users to locate the documents they need, whilst controlling access to sensitive information.

Audit Manager

Optimise internal auditing and routine checks. Ensure consistency with easy-to-use forms including auditor guidance and evidence capture features.

Asset Manager

Catalogue your assets and maintain them efficiently with automated scheduling and supporting documentation.

Improvement Log

Achieve continuous improvement with accountable management of all problems and improvement opportunities.

Incident Log

Systematically record critical details of all incidents. Compile comprehensive investigation reports and track progress of assigned actions.


For large organisations, separate information into teams so users only see information relevant to them.

Agreements Manager

Catalogue, manage and assess your compliance against the ‘other requirements’ that your organisation is committed to. Assign responsibilities.