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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

There has been a notable shift in how companies are doing business as they strive to embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into their operations, teams and culture.  

While the growth of ESG is embedded in sustainability, the most urgent issue in current times, the wider ESG considerations are now permeating every aspect of most organisations.  

ESG is a growth accelerator for most businesses. ESG enables the opportunity to fund innovation and inspire change. Successful and amitbious organisations are embracing ESG as a core part of what they do. Not just because it’s right for business – but because it’s the right thing to do.  

What is ESG?

ESG is an umbrella term covering the areas of your business that impact communities, the environment or social issues such as diversity in the workforce.

Central to ESG practices is transparency. Businesses need to audit their practices and operations, establish targets and policies, and transparently report on progress. For example, a company might commit to becoming carbon neutral within a decade or switch to a supply chain of Fair Trade producers, producing an annual report on its progress towards this ESG goal.

The three pillars of ESG are:

  1. Environmental issues such as carbon emissions.
  2. Social issues such as fair and equal pay.
  3. Governance such as transparency in the boardroom and gender equality in leadership teams.

Find out more about what ESG is and how it can benefit your business and learn about the ESG Trends for 2023.

53% of revenues of the 500 largest US companies and 49% of revenues of the 1,200 largest global companies come from business activities that support Sustainable Development Goals.

S&P Global

Why choose us for ESG?

Our ESG service offering is built upon providing a full complement of services to Governments Departments, semi-state bodies, multinationals and SMEs to support them with their ESG ambitions.

We know what it takes to deliver results and that focus has helped ensure that we are the trusted partner of so many organisations who have ESG at the forefront of their strategy.

Certification Europe’s vision is to help organisations to be exceptional.

Our enablers our people, our expertise, our insights and our client experience – ensure we achieve our vision.

Our five areas of focus guide our overall approach to achieving our vision and a unique client experience.

How Certification Europe can help?


Preservation of our natural world


Consideration of humans and our interdependencies


Logistics and defined process for running a business or organisation

ISO Standards

Environmental Management System
Energy Management System
Quality Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Quality Management
Privacy Information Management Syatems
Cloud data Protection
Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
IT Service Management Syatems
Business Continuity Management Systems

Training - Online, In-House, Custom


Coming Soon

Scoping Workshops

For organiastions who are at the start of their ESG journey, or perhaps those who are looking to reinvigorate their existing approach, our team can host and manage a Scoping Workshop for your team.

During these workshops, we walk through the full range of our ESG solutions, helping turn your ambitions into a realisable action plan and measurable impacts.

If you would like to discuss an ESG Scoping Workshop or any of our other ESG solutions, contact us.


In today’s climate, organisations are becoming more aware of ESG reporting – environmental, social and governance – and the need for transparency in sharing ESG activities. From environmental issues to diversity and inclusivity, organisations are looking at measuring and reporting these activities to attract investments and stay ahead of regulations and compliance.

Find out more about ESG reporting and how to measure it here.

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