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Inspection Services​

Our Inspection Services will provide confidence, assurance and certainty to national and local Government, State agencies and private industry to ensure and support the delivery of regulatory compliance and achieve positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Our expertise

What we do

Certification Europe works in partnership with a range of Local Authorities, Regulators, Government Agencies, Statutory Bodies and Competent Authorities to drive positive environmental and compliance outcomes and deliver service impact across:

Compliance Audits
Compliance Inspections
Compliance Inspections
Legal File Preparation
Stakeholder Engagement
Data Analysis
Project Management
Environmental Consultancy
Richard Barry

We love helping our clients and their stakeholders achieve their strategic goals. Our teams bring an unrivalled level of experience, expertise and enthusiasm to each project we undertake.

Richard Barry​

Commercial Director, Inspection Services

Compliance Inspections
1 +
Years in Industry
1 +
Years of Personnel Experience
1 +

Our approach

Certification Europe’s goal is to help organisations to be exceptional.

Our enablers our people, our expertise and our insights – ensure we achieve our goal.

Our five areas of focus guide our overall approach to achieving our goal.

Who we work with

Government and organisations are adopting a more proactive and sectors to regulatory and legislative requirements.

Our specialist teams of experts work in partnership with our clients and their stakeholders to support the monitoring, regulatory compliance, reporting and improvement against legal obligations and best practice in our specialist areas.

Our Inspection Services team provide a wide range of auditing, inspection and advisory services to:

  • Government Agencies
  • Public Bodies
  • Local Authorities
  • Multi-national clients in Ireland and internationally

Would you like to speak to our team?

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have regarding Inspection Services.


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