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Amtivo Group is delighted to announce an expansion to its product portfolio through the acquisition of InfoSaaS.


Amtivo Group, is delighted to announce an expansion to its product portfolio through the acquisition of InfoSaaS.

Founded in 2014, InfoSaaS has developed a cutting edge platform that supports organisations with their information security, data protection and business compliance requirements including compliance management systems for ISO 27001, how to prepare for GDPR and other standards. The company has an established international blue-chip client base and is an approved provider to the UK Government’s G-Cloud 12 Framework.

Commenting on the acquisition, Amtivo CEO, Mike Tims said: “The acquisition of InfoSaaS fits perfectly into the portfolio of solutions we are developing to enable our clients to achieve the highest standards of information security and data protection. It fills a particular need for businesses who seek a comprehensive system for managing information security in compliance with ISO 27001 and GDPR. We see this market as continuing to be a strong growth area and the InfoSaaS product puts us in an excellent position to service it.”


Peter Rossi, Director and Co-Founder of InfoSaaS said: “Through many years of careful development, we’ve built a comprehensive and robust service that addresses the challenges our clients face with their compliance to an ever increasing number of information security standards. Furthermore, it’s a product that’s at the leading edge in terms of software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment and we are really excited about being able to both expand its capabilities and make it available to Amtivo’s fast growing client base.”

This acquisition is the seventh made by Amtivo Group over the past two years and the second addition to its software product portfolio. It underpins the Group’s strategy of driving the tech-enablement of management systems certification and compliance with standards.

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