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Sustainable waste management

Sustainable waste management practices have their foundation in behavioural change and we are at the fore of driving this change through the provision of Resource Efficiency and Waste Prevention services.

Our expertise​

Certification Europe’s involvement in national campaigns, innovative solutions and initiatives in this area has cemented its ambition to consistently adapt to the ever-changing environmental landscape in Ireland. The application of expert and specialist environmental approaches such as pilot schemes, sampling and data analysis provide unrivalled experience in the area of waste enforcement and specialised environmental investigations.

The established partnerships with key stakeholders both in Ireland and internationally supports the effectiveness of our efforts in intelligence gathering, profiling and detecting illegal activity on behalf of its clients. The capacity to draw on our expert industry knowledge of the environmental sector ensures we provide a trusted service.

Our ability to maintain and build on the established partnerships with key stakeholders has afforded us many opportunities to attend international conferences, participate in EU exchange programmes with other Competent Authorities and representations on multi-agency groups on behalf of their clients.

As Ireland moves from enforcement to ‘compliance assistance’ the role of an expert service provider becomes even more crucial. From our experience, we have an excellent grasp of the regional and national significance of effective environmental approaches on behalf of our clients. Our ability to provide a fully integrated service positions us to provide additional competencies our competitors simply don’t have.

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