ODS and F-gas Inspection Campaign

Person with tablet with gas tanks


Certification Europe’s Environment and Inspectorate Division carry out environmental services for various local authorities, government bodies and the public sector. We were contracted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to carry out a campaign for ODS and F-gas Inspections. The EPA Trading, Chemicals and Producer Responsibility Unit required personnel to assist with the enforcement of ODS and F-gas Regulations through direct communications and site inspections.

Client Requirement

The EPA is the competent authority in Ireland, designated to monitor the ODS and F-Gas regulations with responsibility for ensuring obligated users are compliant with the legislation.  We carried out an inspections campaign over a 10-month period on behalf of the client to assess compliance with the relevant regulations.

Project Outcomes

From the various inspections, our team produced and presented a report to the EPA which incorporated all data obtained, conclusions drawn and recommendations for future inspection campaigns.


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